Combining Patent and Bibliometric Analysis

Figure: Most Common Keywords in Patents Related to Online Gaming Figure: Most Common Keywords in Patents Related to Online Gaming

In a recent research project initiated by my colleague the NAILS project was extended to analyse and compare the other major database indexing science and technology results, patents. These results were recently published in a conference and now the preprint is available for your perusal. This is exciting (for a certain definition of exciting), because previously there has not been a freely available bibliometric analysis tool to map and visualize patent data. For now you also need a subscription to Web of Science to download patent metadata for analysis.

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Preprint is available in ResearchGate.


In this paper, we present an analysis method that allows the combination of multiple data sources by extending the NAILS bibliometric cloud service, with the focus on the development of a novel cloud-based online infrastructure that enables the user to compare scientific literature and patent data related to a particular technology domain. This cloud-based tool leverages meta-data analysis and text-mining techniques to visualize the semi-structured patent and journal articles data stored on Web of Science database. The designed cloud-based tool can automate the process of patent landscape visualization, scientific literature mapping and provides an independent interface for comparing patent and paper trends on a specific subject. The implementation demonstrates how a flexible plugin system can benefit tools by introducing new data sources. We also present a roadway to fully realize a service oriented analysis service for utilizing open data and discuss the steps required to realize this vision.