Open and Engaging Science with Participatory Approaches


I have recently spent most of my time on collaborating with a group of researchers across Europe on the ParCos research project. ParCos aims to change the way that science stories are communicated, by inviting the audience to experience and interpret the data for themselves, and by providing tools and methods.

As a part of stating our position, we are happy to publish our first policy brief, where we detail our perspective on the need for more participatory and open science.

This report, aimed at academics and academic policy makers, will highlight the benefits of not just publishing science data for other scientists but making it easier for the public to use. We will also highlight the benefits of widening the ways in which the public can participate in science research, depending on the level of involvement that they want – whether it is active participation or if it is simply having better access to underlying evidence of published science communications.

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Knutas A., Wolff, A., Hudson, L. (2021). ParCos policy brief, deliverable 7.4 of the Horizon 2020 project ParCos, EC grant agreement no 872500, Lappeenranta, Finland. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10847996


Download the PDF from the Zenodo open science repository or the local mirror copy.